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05-Nov-2017 01:12

Today we received a Class Action Lawsuit against Ameriquest for illegal lending practices on my home loan.

Is there any possibility that a lawsuit of this nature could be started against M & T Bank and their affiliates?

2007 and Bayview sold to M&T Bank after 7 or 8 months later. Recently, our tenants are having problems with their jobs.

Consequently, a few can not make their rent payments on time.

To ensure they get their money they impose a prepayment penalty and a lock out period. It should be paragraph 6, 7 or 8 on a Bayview loan.

As for the loan mod, most banks do require you are past due to get asst.

However, we found out that our payoff information from M&T Bank for refinancing our mortgage was very disturbing.

Please Anyboby who Knows to ansuwer me, for my own knowlage ! When we asked for the payoff amount of the loan last year, 9/2009, they charged us 0.00 for a payoff statement and we were shocked with a 35% prepayment penalty during a so-called lock out period.

I was wrong charged with late fee's, when payment's was made on line in time and confirmed by my Bank statement's. This is in place because the originator has investors which require a large return for their funding.