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Raking in about a gross of 0 million, according to Box Office Mojo, in their first movie together, we can expect funny things from this dynamic duo.When MTV sat down with Adam Mc Kay, director of “The Other Guys,” back in April 2010, Mc Kay spoke about the onscreen pairing: “The second I saw Will and Mark together, it was just a completely different energy [compared to the hilarious pairing of John C. Then I'm going to start Will Eisner's : I'm starting that in a couple of weeks. It's a great script that Frank wrote, and we are all starting it in a couple of weeks. Have you gone into any preproduction meetings with Frank Miller? We just had a table read, and we are having a few rehearsals. He said, "We will be shooting you on stage, and if you don't actually directly touch it, it won't exist in the shot." So, like this wall. It should be interesting, because I have never worked like that. And this will be interesting, because he told me that this was going to be like acting class. It is going to be this graphic world that he creates.Le crack affluait, le taux de suicide grimpait en flèche, le taux de criminalité était 73% au-dessus de la moyenne nationale, et le NYPD enterrait deux de ses policiers chaque mois...

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Daddy, as Ferrell and Wahlberg try to outshine the other.

that is until Dusty Mayron (Wahlberg) comes into the picture.