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Heightening the sea-walls, a process that has been carried out unremittingly through the centuries, is now again in progress. Four of the five inhabited Dutch Friesian Islands form a part of the Province of Friesland.The sea-walls are now built up nearly four times as high as four hundred years ago. and in 1977, after the latest construction activities, 9.70 m above N. The Frisians have a language of their own which is spoken as a matter of course by four/fifths of the inhabitants.Later this area reached up to and beyond the borders of Denmark.The name "Friesian Islands", in German "", for the islands along the coast, still reminds us of this time.

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Primitive drawings on the sides of caves in Spain and southern France and the bones of game found there and elsewhere show that even during the Ice Age (some hundreds of thousands of years ago) there were both bigger and smaller horses.

Now the Dutch Horselaw of 1939 (modified) gives rules for studbook and breeding.

From records of the past we know that the Friesian horse of old was famous.

There is information from 1251 (Cologne), 1276 (Munster), 1466 (Aduard), 1617 (Markham), 1771 (Kladrub), and there are books in which Friesian horses were mentioned and praised from 1568 (Blundeville), 1568 (Guicciardini), 1629 (Pluvinel), 1658 (Duke of Newcastle), 1680 (De Solleysel), 1687 (von Adlersflugel), 1734 (Saunier), 1741 (Gueriniere), 1744 (Oebschelwitz), 1779 (Le Francq van Berkheij), 1802 (Huzard) and 1811 (Geisweit van der Netten).

According to the chronicle of Dubravius, the Hungarian King Louis II used a heavy Friesian stallion when he took field against the Turks on June 15th 1526, a campaign which culminated in the battle of Mohacs (August 29th 1526).Dent proposes that the Norwegian Dole hest (Gudbrandsdal horse), which shows great likeness to the Friesian horse, must have got there from Friesland either as booty or by regular trade. In the Pyrenees in southern France there is a pony "Ariege called after Merens" ("") that looks remarkably like a small Friesian horse.