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The latter is most important, as from it an approximate date may be given to the many atlases which are published without a date.

To prevent repetition, full names and dates of birth and death are eliminated in the body of the work and given only in the author list. Facsimile atlas to the early history of cartography with reproductions of the most unportant maps printed in the XV and XVI centuries, fol.

As it is impossible to possess the old manuscript maps preserved in the libraries and museums of Europe, the works of Santarem, Jomard, Fischer, Miiller, Nordenskiold, and others, containing reproductions of these maps, have been carefully analyzed, as have also the atlases to accompany the various disputed boundary questions between nations, which are rich in snph romr-i^Atmi'i^^-^c -~ Correction: p. •• -^" v-uic cviiuiuu tuts general map or America by Hondius is the first map of America separated and named North and South.

This list gives the full and correct name of the author, when found, also his birth and death. The maps relating to America, plans of cities throughout the world, and material of some specific interest not usually found in atlases are brought to the attention of the student in bibliographical notes and contents. Histoire de I'^cole cartographique Beige et Anversoise du XVl" sifecle. Numerous inserted maps, so frequently hidden away in these atlases, are fully described. For easy reference the letters "t," "n," "c" have been placed before the title numbers in the index, referring to the subjects de- scribed in titles, notes, and contents.

The index contains over forty IV PREFATORY NOTE tliousand references. An essay on the early history of charts and sailing directions, fol. Atlases rarel^y contain tables of contents, and it is fi'equently difficult to determine whether the maps described were originally published in the work or inserted by some former owner who was anxious to safeguard the "separates " in his collection.

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