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The survey also estimated that six out of ten buildings would collapse.On top of that KVERMP also warns that 95 percent of water supply pipes might explode and 50 percent of bridges and 10 percent of roads could collapse in the valley.There were no immediate reports of any major damage due to the earthquake, according to Seismological Centre of Nepal.Read more Three earthquake resistant drinking water tanks were constructed in different places of Kirtipur as disaster preparedness measures.

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Read more With its epicentre in the southern area of Rukum district an earthquake hit mid western Nepal on Wednesday night causing scores of homes to collapse.No human casualties were reported in the district though some houses in Kholagaun VDC and school buildings in Bijeshwori VDC -8 were collapsed owing to the shake. Read more A mega-quake in 1255 that wrecked Nepals capital, wiped out a third of the population of Kathmandu Valley and killed the countrys monarch, King Abhaya Malla, was of a kind that may return to the Himalayas, seismologists have reported.Experts from Nepal, France and Singapore mapped deposits of river sediment displaced along part of the fault line where the Indian subcontinent slams into the Asia tectonic plate at up to 50 millimetres per year.The epicentre of the quake lies some 60 kilometre north of Jiri, Dolakha.

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A survey by KVERMP (Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Project) in 2003/2004 warned that around 40.000 people might die and nearly 100.000 might suffer injury requiring hospital services when another earthquake measuring around 8.4 on the Richter scale (like the one in 1934) would hit the country.

The earthquakes caused extensive damage to buildings and thousands of deaths and injuries and was even felt in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.