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22-Jun-2017 22:48

They are a Legal Innovation Lab located at coworking space Collision 8, which will incubate innovations by law firms and legaltech startups; and Law Net Community, a virtual collaboration platform which allows the legal community to network and access tech tools. - the third component of Flip - is a 100-day accelerator programme that will be powered by Singapore-based corporate accelerator JFDI.

It will provide startups with mentorship and seed funding from Spring Singapore and venture capitalists. is now looking to raise S.5 million to begin with.

It will comprise 10 MPs - seven from the ruling People's Action Party, one from the WP, one Nominated MP (NMP) and the committee leader, Deputy Speaker Charles Chong.

Forming a Select Committee to examine a policy is a rarely used parliamentary procedure.

Shanmugam who also submitted a Green Paper on the issue.

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Flip comprises three components, of which the first two were launched on Wednesday.Forming a Select Committee will allow for broad dialogue, and for Singaporeans to hear directly from experts as well as voice their own concerns or suggestions, he added.

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