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Turns out Rose has an addiction to fake profiles and a heart as cold as ice.Keyonnah & Lil Bow Wow What She Thought: Keyonnah was "60 percent convinced" she was dating Lil Bow Wow (as in, the rapper).__The Truth:__ Brian is for real, and he never showed up that day because he had a PTSD episode that ended with him getting arrested for having a weapon of mass destruction in his backpack. She wasn't interested in men, and he wasn't interested in biological women. [54d40e9e766bf catfish]( __What She Thought:__ Whitney fell for a Bre, an exotic dancer in L.A., and carried on a four-year relationship with her online.From the secret history of the custodian revealed to Betty's dance on stage, here are the seven moments that made our jaws drop Wednesday night.Many happy returns to Ozzy Osbourne, who turns 65 today (December 3).This later backfired when Ozzy instead left the building in one of her outfits, and then relieved himself on the Alamo Cenotaph - the monument of Texan independence.Speaking about that moment of intoxicated madness, Osbourne has since said: "I can honestly say, all the bad things that ever happened to me were directly, directly attributed to drugs and alcohol.

The Truth: "Mike" is really Jasmine's ex-friend Mhissy, who created Mike to keep Jasmine away from her current boyfriend (and Jasmine's ex) Triggs.

After going through Whitney's Facebook chats, they discover that Whitney and Bre have seen each other—and Whitney is using *Catfish* for a free plane ticket to go visit her. __More from *Glamour*:__ [#cneembed: script/video/57eaad07b57ac3091c00000a.js?

“I’m a f—in’ good person,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi said as police led her away in handcuffs after causing a drunken scene on the beach in July 2010.

When he caught her the first time, she made up Caroline, and then made up the cancer when she thought he was going to leave again. [Artis 6]( __What He Thought:__ Artis was under the impression he was dating Jess and was ready to ditch his current girlfriend—and *mother of his three children*—for her.

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__The Truth:__ Jess is actually a man who creates fake online dating profiles to teach people a lesson about cheating.And Bryan was such a cold-hearted jerk that Nev and Max ordered him never to contact Jennifer again (a *Catfish* first). [Jesse4]( __What She Thought:__ Jesse met Brian, a Marine who did a tour in Afghanistan, on Facebook, where they talked for three years.