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I’ve been married twice and I’m really happiest about not looking back on my first time and thinking, ‘God, I wish I had given more time with my children’.I know a lot of guys have that little regret: ‘I was so busy doing my career, I let that time slip by and this time I’m gonna do it right’.I think it smells like everything that studios want, which is money – and that’s not bad.I don’t think artistic and financial things are mutually exclusive,” he says of Black and White, which was partly financed by his Treehouse Films.He is seen as justified when he later hunts down kills the men who ambushed his brothers.

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’“And I do feel that it’s a movie to be seen, and a movie to be talked about – without trying.But Hollywood executives have short memories, and he was unable to get financing to make an as-yet unreleased film about race called Black and White, forcing him to bankroll the movie himself.It’s in sharp contrast to the days of his notorious 1995 film Waterworld, which had a budget of 2m.“To me, it’s the same movie as Dances with Wolves,” Costner says during a Las Vegas interview where he was recently honoured with the 2014 Cinema Icon Award at Cinema Con.“I think its a powerful movie, I think it’s very commercial.I knew I needed to come into Hollywood every day – I just didn’t know where to go.

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I would curl up into a fetal position and sleep, just trying to dream about how to get started.“The world is what it is and [it] has turned toward these giant movies.